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4 Tips for Getting Together a Watch Party for the Euros


Hosting the perfect Euros 2024 watch party starts with choosing the ideal venue, setting up a great viewing area, gathering essential equipment and crafting a winning menu. This blog explores top tips for putting together a successful watch party for the euros.

1. Choosing the Perfect Venue and Guest List for Your Watch Party

Choosing the ideal venue for your Euros 2024 watch party sets the stage for an unforgettable event. You should consider spaces with ample seating, large screens and good sound systems, like your living room, a local pub, or even an outdoor area.

It is important to factor in accessibility and comfort for your guests. When crafting the guest list, aim for a diverse mix of football enthusiasts and friends who will contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

Ensure a balance between die-hard fans and casual viewers to keep the energy high. Ideally, you will prioritise creating an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy the thrilling matches together.

2. Setting Up the Ultimate Viewing Area

To set up the ultimate viewing area for the match, position a large, high-definition screen where everyone can see the action clearly.

Arrange comfortable seating facing the screen, ensuring everyone has a good view. You could enhance the ambience with dimmable lighting to mimic stadium conditions and minimise glare on the screen.

Why not consider adding additional screens or projectors for larger gatherings? Surround the area with football-themed decorations to heighten the excitement.

Finally, test the sound system beforehand to ensure clear commentary and crowd noise. With these elements in place, your viewing area will be primed for an epic football spectacle.

3. Essential Equipment for a Seamless Broadcast

For a seamless broadcast of the Euro 2024 tournament, essential equipment is paramount.

As discussed, a reliable high-definition television or projector to capture every detail of the match is vital. You need to ensure a stable internet connection for streaming services or satellite reception and invest in quality speakers or a soundbar to amplify the stadium atmosphere and commentary.

In addition, using a VPN during the Euros 2024 can offer several benefits. A VPN with IP address will allow you to connect through various IP addresses to ensure more reliable access to geo-restricted content.

Many broadcasters have geo-restrictions on their content, meaning that certain games may only be available to viewers in specific countries. A VPN can help you bypass these restrictions.

On top of this, you might prefer the commentary provided by broadcasters in a different country. A VPN can give you access to those streams.

With these essentials in place, your broadcast will bring the excitement of the Euros to life in your DIY watch party space.

4. Curating a Winning Menu with Food and Drink

Curating a winning menu for your Euros party involves serving up an array of football-themed snacks and drinks.

Start with classic favourites like nachos, wings, and sliders, alongside themed treats such as mini football-shaped sandwiches.

Keep the energy high with drinks like beer, football-themed cocktails and refreshing non-alcoholic options. Also, incorporate team colours into your menu with creatively decorated cupcakes and cookies.

With a well-planned menu, you'll score big with your guests and keep them fuelled for every thrilling moment of the match.

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