Juventus 2022/23 Football Shirt Collection – The Best Trio Released This Season?

Mystery Retro Shirts have seen almost every football shirt of this season. From big European clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona to South American giants such as Boca Juniors, Flamengo and River Plate. We have been searching far and wide to find the team who flaunts the best 2022/23 football shirt collection and we have a winner – Juventus!


Juventus Home Shirt

The Juventus home shirt is an absolute beauty, its design resembles the club’s tradition of a black and white striped shirt but with a modern twist. The black stripes are made up of tiny triangles carefully fitted together to give the shirt a unique design instead of a plain, boring black stripe. The shirt features the cool Jeep sponsor and contains flashes of lightning within the sponsor. As football shirt enthusiasts, we believe Adidas in the modern day, produce the best-designed shirts, unique to every club they sponsor. This shirt is proof of this belief, as it is an excellent release. You can see the home shirt below. 


Juventus Away Shirt

The Juventus away shirt is a very basic but very clean design, the base colour of the shirt is black with the 3 Adidas lines on each shoulder. Again, the Jeep sponsor containing lightning inside the letters compliments the shirt extremely well and although there isn’t too much going on in this away shirt, its clean design makes it a great pick for football shirt enthusiasts. 


Juventus Third Shirt

Undoubtedly, the Juventus third shirt is our personal favourite in their 2022/23 kit collection, it truly is a unique design. The base design of the shirt is an abstract graphic pattern in pink and blue, with the Juventus and Adidas logo in white making it stand out. The Jeep sponsor again compliments the shirt well, this time it is blue and yet again has flashes of lightning inside. The 2022/23 season marks the 10th year of the long, successful partnership between Juventus and Jeep. Undoubtedly, in 10 years' time, football shirt enthusiasts will look back and view the partnership between the two as a classic partnership, such as the Inter and Pirelli partnership, which ended in 2021.

There is no doubt that Juventus’ 2022/23 kit collection is an incredible set of kits, and we are delighted to announce that we have a load of each model in every size going into our Mystery Modern Football Shirt Box for the rest of January and February. 

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