• What are mystery football shirts?

      Mystery football shirts are a new trend in football apparel. Fans purchase a mystery box containing a random football team's shirt - perfect for collectors on a budget or as a fun gift idea. The mystery element adds excitement to the experience, and the shirts themselves are often rare or retro designs not available in regular stores. Read more.

    • Are the shirts authentic?

      Yes, all of our shirts are authentic and come with tags.

    • What type of shirt will I get?

      You will always receive a match shirt in every mystery shirt box. We do not send out pre-match or training shirts.

    • Are the retro shirts brand new or second hand?

      All of our retro shirts are brand new shirts. You will not receive a second-hand shirt.

    • Are the retro shirts originals?

      All of our more modern retro shirts (post 2000) are original shirts. All of our pre 2000 retro shirts are official licensed replicas.

    • Can I order for special occasions such as stag parties, 5 a side football teams etc?

      Most certainly! If you are ordering a significant number of shirts for an event, please contact us via email – customerservice@mysteryretroshirts.co.uk for your request. We may be able to offer you a discount. Please note, for larger groups, the delivery time may be slightly longer, and you should order with plenty of time preceding the event.

    • Do you offer subscriptions?

      Yes we offer subscriptions. You can receive a shirt every 1, 2 or 3 months. You will also receive a discount if you decide to subscribe! You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that once you enter a subscription, every purchase after your first purchase will be placed on the 3rd day of the month.

    • Can I track my order once its dispatched?

      Yes, all of our shirts, whether they are domestic or international, are sent via Royal Mail’s tracked services. You will receive your tracking number via email, which can be tracked via Royal Mail’s website. If you do not receive your tracking number, please contact us on customerservice@mysteryretroshirts.co.uk

    • Do you ship worldwide?

      Yes we ship worldwide.

    • Can I request teams to avoid?

      Yes, you can select teams/leagues/nations to avoid in the basket/checkout area. We do not accept request. E.g. ‘I would like a PSG shirt’. IMPORTANT: If you are ordering with friends/family, please note their order number or full name in the ‘teams to avoid’ section so you don’t receive the same shirt.

    • Do you do kids shirts?

      Yes, we do kids shirts. The kid’s mystery shirt box contains a shirt from any year.

    • Do you have a sizing guide?

      Yes, please see Size Guide on the website.

    • Do you offer exchanges?

      If you do not like the shirt you receive, we can offer you one exchange. Please note, the customer is responsible for the shipping fees to send back to us. Kindly email us on customerservice@mysteryretroshirts.co.uk to arrange an exchange.

    • Can I pay via PayPal?

      Unfortunately, we do not yet accept PayPal on our site. If you wish to pay via PayPal, please email us and we can do this directly. customerservice@mysteryretroshirts.co.uk

    • Do you offer affiliate deals?

      Yes, if you are an influencer or you believe you can get us a significant number of sales, we do offer a commission-based affiliate deal. You get access to your own dashboard, where you can track clicks and conversions. If you are interested, please contact customerservice@mysteryretroshirts.co.uk