Liverpool x Lebron James: Rumours of a Limited-Edition Collaboration with Nike

Rumours are circulating about a possible limited-edition Liverpool Football Club shirt collaboration between Nike and Lebron James. While the kit has not been officially confirmed, sources suggest it may be announced soon.

Lebron James and Liverpool FC

Lebron James is no stranger to Liverpool Football Club, having acquired a 2% stake in the north-west football club back in April 2011. At the time, the club was worth just £235m, compared to its current value of $5bn (£4.4bn). James later exchanged his stake in Liverpool FC for a stake in Fenway Sports Group, which owns the football club along with several other US sports franchises.

Nike and Liverpool FC

Nike secured a deal with Liverpool FC in 2020, taking over from New Balance as the club's official kit manufacturer until 2025. As part of their negotiations, Nike promised to provide more exposure for Liverpool FC in the American market, including marketing opportunities with Lebron James.

Lebron James x LFC Shirt

Nike seems to have honoured their promise with the rumoured release of the Lebron James x LFC shirt. The black shirt features Lebron's crown logo, referencing his nickname within the NBA, "The King." While this collaboration could globalise Liverpool FC even more, the shirt design has received mixed reviews. It remains unclear whether the shirt will be worn in a football match or if it is part of a larger collection.

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