Shirt of the Month - February 2023: AIK Fotboll

Is AIK's new limited edition "132-year kit" the shirt of the week or shirt of the month? At Mystery Retro Shirts, we're so excited, it's BOTH! Which means it's going out into our modern mystery boxes this week!
Collage of the Nike AIK 2023 132-Years Kit
Swedish football club AIK has just dropped the most breathtaking limited edition shirt, and it's only February! Football fanatics worldwide are already in agreement that this is the football shirt of the year. As AIK prepares for the upcoming Allsvenskan season, this shirt has already become a sensation.
Nike AIK 2023 132-Years Kit logo emrboidery close up


The shirt is named the "132-year kit" as it is a tribute to AIK's hometown, Stockholm. The chest of the shirt features a pattern inspired by the Solstice Table, one of the oldest known depictions of Stockholm from the sixteenth century. The raised marks on the shirt are handcrafted and made in 3D silicone, which brings out the highest possible richness of detail.

What's more, the club badge has a fabric base in black velvet, and all the gold details on the shirt have been enriched with metal particles for a more prominent gold shimmer. This applies not only to the gold in the raised prints but also to the cuffs of the shirt and on the socks. The level of detail on this shirt is second to none.

Back of the Nike AIK 2023 132-Years Kit as worn by a player

Nike has really stepped up their game with this shirt after receiving criticism for some poor releases across Europe this season. Some shirt designs have been copied from other club's previous season designs. But this shirt is unique, and its detailing is unmatched.

Football fans are already clamouring to get their hands on this shirt, and they are in luck. We have a load of these shirts in every size arriving this week and they will be going into our Mystery Modern Football Shirt Boxes only this week, so order now to potentially get your hands on this amazing shirt.

For football fanatics who want to add a limited edition shirt to their collection, the AIK 132-year kit is a must-have. So keep an eye out for it, and get ready to potentially add this stunning shirt to your collection when you place your order.

Nike AIK 2023 132-Years Kit hanging

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